Best Cell Phone Spy Software – The 4 Key Must Have Features

Having the Best Cell Phone Spy Software on the market can help solve some of your worst fears. Do you have that terrible gut feeling that something is wrong in your relationship? Is your spouse really just working late or are they having an affair? What about your children? Are they really going to a friend’s house to study or are they doing drugs? How about that aging parent whose memory seems to not be so good anymore? Are they really late or are they lost? If you are a business owner, are your employees really at the client’s site or are they at the bar drinking? Sadly, many people, including family members are just not always honest with you.

These are just a few concerns in life that would require the best cell phone spy software to help you expose dishonesty. With today’s technology, you have the power at your fingertips to make sure that the people you are supposed to trust, are really trustworthy. To make sure you get the best value for your money, you definitely want to make sure that a package that says it is the best cell phone spy software has these key features:

  1. Real-time Text Messaging Tracking: Is your partner or spouse really working late? You need to be able to get the information immediately, so you can find out the truth.
  2. GPS Location Tracking: Is junior really at the library studying or at the neighborhood troublemaker’s house doing drugs? You need to know instantly, so you can keep them out of harms way. It’s better to go get them than to have the police call you saying they’ve been arrested for drugs.
  3. Call Tracking: What numbers, how many times called, and how long they talked. This gives you all the real detail you need to find out what and when things are happening.
  4. Support/Usability: You need simple downloads with best in the business support for any questions or issues you might have. You don’t want to be waiting an hour on the phone for an answer to questions you need to get up and running.

You’ll find a whole bunch of different packages out there with lots of bells and whistles that you really don’t need with really outrageous prices. If you are looking to get the best cell phone spy software value that’s available, make sure to look for the above features with the best price.

A spouse or partner that is cheating on you is devastating. So is getting a call from the police that your child was just picked up for doing drugs. A dishonest employee could cause your business to go under. With today’s technology, you have the power at your fingertips to potentially save your relationship, save your business, or keep your kid off drugs, before it happens. Using the Best Cell Phone Spy Software available can help you know in real-time exactly what is going on to help you head off a disaster.

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How To Use Android Spy Software

By J. Marks

If you have purchased Android spy software, you may be wondering what is the best way that you can implement it into usage on the phone. Just as there are many reasons why people use such tools, there are many methods to ensure that it is used on the phone itself. Some of the following suggestions may be able to help you with ideas for optimal use.

Commonly, there is always some concern about the best way to introduce the use of the tool onto the phone. There are various methods that can be used to accomplish this. Depending on your situation, you will have to consider which option will be the easiest and most convenient for you to try in your spare time with the phone in question.

If you are installing the tool as a parent, then you shouldn’t have much difficulty implementing the tool overall. You can simply take your child’s phone while they are distracted or busy with some other activity and use the time to download the software then. If you are dealing with older children or teenagers, then you may have to do this more cleverly to avoid any conflict.

Another alternative is to install the software immediately when you first purchase the phone itself. This can be a great option if you are purchasing your child’s first phone and you want to ensure their safety. Consider purchasing the phone beforehand, installing the software, and then proceeding to give the phone to your child. Since the tool runs in stealth, they will never realize that you have it installed.

Installing prior to anything is also a good option if you are monitoring information for the sake of your company. Install the tool into the phones of your employees before you assign the phones at all. This will enable you to monitor employees easily without having to give excuses for trying to install the tool later on in the future.

If you deal with employees that use their own phones, there is another alternative. You can suggest that all phone usage must be on phones that are provided by your company, and give them phones that are equipped with the tool. It is an easy way to monitor your employees and it won’t make them feel as if they are having their privacy violated by denying usage of personal phones.

When you begin to consider these ideas, you will be able to brainstorm on some options of your own. Depending on what your overall situation is and your reason for monitoring, you may have to create unique options to allow you to monitor your employees or your children. If done correctly, you’ll be able to seamlessly install the android spy software without any suspicion.

These suggestions for the use of Android spy software should be able to help you implement the technology onto the appropriate device. If you have been wondering how you were going to install the tool into the phones in question, you now have some ideas to guide you. With any success, you should be able to install the tool and gain further insight and security.

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mSpy Review – Does mSpy Work?

Are you looking for an effective spying program that can help you spy on a cell phone? If yes, keep reading my mSpy review. This mobile spy software could be the perfect tool for you. It can be used for spying on someone through their cellphones without being detected. It provides an updated recording of the call logs, sms messages, emails, surroundings, browsing histories and even actual GPS locations.

mSpy Overview

mSpy is a software application for cell phones that is downloaded via the phone’s browser, and installed directly on a compatible smartphone. Once installed, mSpy becomes undetectable and immediately begins to record activity, and then uploads all the data to an online account. The person, who installed the mSpy cell phone spy software, can now log into their account via any Internet connected device that has a web browser, and view all activity recorded, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

mSpy is easy to set up and works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

mSpy Features

Cell phone spy software has come a long ways over the last few years. In the past, the only thing cell phone spyware did, was enable someone to read text messages by forwarding the text messages to another number. However, the technology has now improved to offer users many different spy options including:

  1. Location tracking via GPS – mSpy will show the location of the tracked phone on Google Maps at all time. If you know Google Maps, you know just how accurate it is.
  2. Read text messages – mSpy records the content of all incoming or outgoing text messages on the website the moment they are generated or received. Thus, even if the messages are removed, you still have access to every word that was in them. You will also be able to see the number of the phone that sent the text message as well as the hour the text message was sent. Again, if the number has been assigned a name, you will be able to see it as well.
  3. Call history – mSpy enables you to receive a chronological log of all incoming and outgoing calls. You will see how many calls it received or made, the numbers that were contacted, the time the calls took place and how long the calls lasted. If the calls were made to or from a number that is registered on the phone’s memory and the number has been assigned a name, you can see the name as well.
  4. Phone call recording – mSpy enables you to remotely record calls made from or received from your target phone. Listen to the recording either directly from you Control Panel or download them to your PC.
  5. Incoming calls restriction – mSpy allows you to restrict incoming calls from any predefined number on your target phone.
  6. Read emails – With this feature, you can read both incoming and outgoing emails.
  7. View photos & videos – This is one of my favorite features of mSpy. This feature will enable you to secretly retrieve and view all the photos and videos that are on your target’s phone.
  8. Monitor Internet activities – This spy feature allows you to find out which websites they are visiting by providing you with all the URLs of every website they visit.
  9. Read chats and instant messages – mSpy enables you to monitor some of the most popular communication apps, such as: Skype & WhatsApp.
  10. Record surroundings – – This is one feature that has everyone excited. What this does is enable you to secretly listen to the surroundings of the phone you are tracking and monitoring. No more wondering what the other person is doing, with this feature, you can secretly listen and find out for yourself.
  11. Access calendar and address book – mSpy spyware allows you to see all the numbers that have been recorded on the phone’s memory, complete with all the names assigned to them.
  12. 100% invisible and undetectable – The best thing about using mspy is that it does its job very stealthily and will not let anyone know that it has been installed on the phone. There will not be any icons to show people that mSpy spy software has been installed on the device.

Note: If the target phone is iPhone, you must jailbreak it before installing this application. It is impossible to download or install mSpy if you can’t jailbreak the target iPhone. Please note that mSpy doesn’t support Windows Phone 7 mobile devices yet.

Who is mSpy For:

First of all, mSpy is for ANYONE. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Catch Cheating Spouse – If you think your spouse is having an affair, using mspy will reveal the truth. Since mspy runs in total stealth mode, the user has no idea they are being monitored. And that means you can monitor and track the whereabouts of your spouse, read their sms messages, and view all their call logs without your spouse knowing.
  • Monitor Children Cell Phone Use – With mspy, it is possible to instantly monitor and track your teen’s mobile phone use. Not only will you be able to locate them whenever you want or see where they have been, but you can also make sure they are not involved any prohibited activities.
  • Employee Tracking - mSpy could also be used to keep track of company issued phones. Employers now have a great way to monitor and track their employees to make sure they’re in compliance and/or being honest about their whereabouts, mSpy software gives employers a different way to monitor their employees to make sure their employees are being honest when they say they are out meeting clients.

mSpy Review – Conclusion

mSpy is definitely the best stealth mobile phone spy software out there today. mSpy Software is one of the most technologically advanced cell phone monitoring apps money can buy. If you need to get your hands on all the latest features (such as monitoring Skype, WhatsApp & iMessage, spy on calls, and more) look no further than mSpy. They are considered one of the leaders in the overall cell phone spy industry, and are one of the few companies that offer live customer support. Prices start at a reasonable $49 and go up to $159. Also, don’t forget to get your mSpy discount code to save some money.


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How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Ever Having to Get Access to the Mobile Phone You Want to Spy On

By Dan H Henderson

Spying on a cell phone – even if you can never get access to it to install the spy software
Cell TrackerWhen it comes to spying on somebody’s phone – one question that gets asked more than any other is ‘Do I need to get access to the cell phone I want to spy on?’
Despite what a few so called experts have to say about it, the answer is a big fat NO. I think the myth got started because there are two cell phone spy programs that claim you can install the software to the target phone remotely but those two programs, whose names I would rather not mention, have absolutely no guarantee and tons of complaints.
The way this remote mobile spy works is you install the software onto your own phone. You then specify a couple of settings, call the phone you want to spy on, and stay in a connection or conversation with them for more than 30 seconds and the two phones are now ‘frequency paired’.
From that point on you will be able to see lots of spy details on their mobile device such as full details of all phone calls and text messages, GPS tracking, even spy on actual live phone conversations.
With all the stuff I have read on the internet about remote install phone spy programs not working it was difficult to make the decision to buy one. The one thing I always look for at any web site, if I am going purchase anything, is a guarantee and contact info. This is certainly an indication of legitimacy.
Without a legitimate remote install mobile spy there would actually be a lot of people who would never be able to spy on a phone because most people do not have a device that is compatible with most of the conventional spying software programs and a remote install program provides these people with that opportunity.
Conventional cell spy apps like spybubble are fantastic programs, make no mistake about it, but there are a lot of people who just can’t ever get access to the phone they want to snoop on for one reason or another. These people should have a look at  remote mobile spy web site to learn more about how to snoop on someone’s cell phone even if you can never get access to it.
It is estimated that only 1/3 of people who want to spy on a cell phone can actually get access to it to install the snooping software but ‘remote’ install phone spy apps get around that.
There is absolutely no way to install monitoring or tracking apps on a cell phone without physical possession. Why?  Because you must install the software directly on the cell phone you want to monitor. In fact, you should NEVER EVER EVER install this type of software on a phone you don’t personally own (or on a phone you don’t have consent to monitor), doing so could land you into big trouble.  I get a lot of emails from suspicious spouses that want to monitor their significant other. Unfortunately, most likely violate local, state, and federal laws in your country and you could be subject to civil or criminal penalties. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth the trouble you will most likely get into.
Good legal cell spy applications (Not available in stores!) which offer everything that you need to reveal secrets and compatible with ALL Smartphones and all models of the the Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Palm OS, Symbian & Windows Mobile are:

Remote Cell Phone Tracker and Spy Secretly track and spy on virtually Any
cell phone quickly and easily completely undetected!


HIGHSTER MOBILE – The Most Powerful and Easy To Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software You Can Buy! Text messages, call recordings, call logs…all sent from the target phone right to YOUR email, cell phone or online web account…INSTANTLY!


mSpy – A stealth cell phone spy software that silently monitors any Apple iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian OS based cell phone. Access the phone’s text messages, call history, e-mails, GPS locations, Call Recordings, web history, photos, Skype, WhatsApp and more from any web browser.


EasySpy – Easy-to-use program for monitoring cell phones you will find anywhere… Get INSTANT ACCESS to text messages, calls and more. Right from your own cell phone, computer or tablet! EasySpy Monitors Multiple Smart PhonesTotally undetected!


Easy Cell Tracker – 100% Safe and easy to use…yet powerful enough to get the information you want! ALL Apple devices are supported in ALL countries with all cell phone providers including prepaid and non-contract phones. ALL Android phones are supported in ALL countries with all cell phone providers including prepaid and non-contract phones.


Highster Mobile Master App for iPhone allows the user to access their User Control Panel data from anywhere in the world from their iPhone or iPad. Every feature that is available from the Desktop or Laptop computer can now be viewed easily from a mobile device instantly!


Spybubble – Powerful Yet Covert Cell-Phone Monitoring Software That Tracks And Records ALL Information In Real-Time… It is the World’s Most Advanced Cell Phone Monitoring and Tracking System! Now With Call Listening and Environment Listening!


TopSpy – 100% Undetectable cell phone spyware. Easy cell phone spying – remotely spy on cell phone and get Texts, Phone calls, Location, etc…


MobShield(Mobile Shield) – Highly advanced cell phone application that allows the user to restrict the use of the cell phone while monitoring the phone’s activities. MobShield is the Best Way to Protect Your Kids, Aged Parents, Spouse, or Employees from Danger and Temptation.


Jailbreak – Learn how to easily jailbreak and unlock Apple devices (iphone, ipad, ipod, iOS etc.) fast and easy.


MobileSpy – The next generation of smartphone spy software. Silently monitor text messages, GPS locations, call details, photos and social media activity. View the screen and location LIVE!


Spyera – The software that you install on a smart phone to monitor everything happening on the phone. SPYERA secretly records events (sms, call history, phone book, location, emails, What’s App messages, IM, Facebook Chat, Skype, See photos taken and many more…) that happen on the phone and delivers these information to a web account, where you can view these reports 24/7 from any Internet enabled computer or mobile phone.


OX for Android MobileSpyCell phone spy for smart Android version phone also provides users a free trial process, now just download this program to yourmobile phone to learn what your children are secretly talking and texting, smoking, drugs, what your employees really doing away from office with this mobile spy.


vSpyMe – Are you spending sleepless nights worrying about where your kids are or what they are up to? Look no further. vSpyMe Children and family is a powerful cell phone spy software designed to ease your burden and give you better visibility, transparency and control of what’s going on in your home and the lives of people you care about.


MerrySpy – A spy software to turn ordinary Nokia S60 phones into spy phones. It’s totally different from all other spy softwares, maybe it’s the most powerful one!


SpyMaster Pro – World’s most efficient and advanced cell spying software, works 100% in hidden mode without leaving any indication of detection.


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