Adware the series, part 4

In this series of posts, we will be using the flowchart below to follow the process of determining which adware we are dealing with. Our objective is to give you an idea of how many different types of adware are around for Windows systems. Though most are classified as PUPs, you will also see the occasional Trojan or rootkit, especially for the … [Read more…]

A week in security (May 22 – May 28)


Last week we informed you about several new threats, including the android ransomware that targets Tencent users. This SLocker.fh masquerades as various legitimate apps to fool users into accepting escalated rights. Or how about the potential danger of spilling Windows credentials for Chrome users. All they need you to do is to visit their site. … [Read more…]

A stolen version of DMA-locker is making the rounds

Ransomware has become a popular criminal business with a relatively easy entrance. Even the people with little technical knowledge can build their own ransomware based on open source code, that has been published on the internet some time ago. Nevertheless, cybercriminals keep stealing, not only from victims, but also from each other. Some time ago … [Read more…]