What Interests Children Online

Today’s children and teenagers are integrated into cyberspace so tightly that discussions on the outright prohibition of using devices with Internet connectivity are nonsensical. It is more reasonable to teach children how to behave themselves correctly online and lend support by protecting them against undesirable content. To solve these problems, many parents use dedicated software … [Read more…]

WannaCry mistakes that can help you restore files after infection

Sometimes ransomware developers make mistakes in their code. These mistakes could help victims regain access to their original files after a ransomware infection. This article is a short description of several errors, which were made by the WannaCry ransomware developers. Errors in file removal logic When Wannacry encrypts its victim’s files, it reads from the … [Read more…]

Spotting fake reviews – have healthy online skepticism

One of the most often pieces of advice I give when speaking to friends and relatives regarding online threats is to research it. Performing a simple Google search on a product, a strange phone number, or a business, can reveal a wealth of data that can then be used to make an informed decision about … [Read more…]