A week in security (July 24 – July 30)


Last week, we recognized one of the unsung heroes of our times, explained what the Dark Web is, revealed challenges one of our experienced when putting together his conference presentation for SteelCon, revealed the potential dangers of smart toys to kids, and made a prediction following the arrests made against those involved in Fireball. We … [Read more…]

Mobile Menace Monday: Malicious clicker with extra maliciousness included

A new malicious clicker has emerged onto third-party app stores. Chinese in origin, the malicious app uses heavy obfuscation and poses as a battery optimizer app. We classify is as Android/Trojan.Clicker.hyj. Click to view slideshow. Hide what’s inside To obfuscate its code, Clicker.hyj uses an APK inside another APK that hooks into the malicious code … [Read more…]

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day


And we are enormously grateful. What started off as a tongue-and-cheek offshoot of Administrative Professionals Day has now become a special holiday that people around the world recognize and practice. Dear reader, today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. Let’s be honest, maintaining the security and integrity of a business network, ensuring that all computers connected … [Read more…]