Tomorrowland festival goers affected by data breach


Tomorrowland, a major international music festival, has revealed a data breach potentially affecting around 60,000 attendees. This one is a little different though, as the data accessed without permission isn’t recent. In fact, it dates back four years to an event long since come and gone. According to a Tomorrowland spokesperson, the managers of the … [Read more…]

How to tighten security and increase privacy on your browser

Is my browser making an effort to keep my system safe and my online behavior private? This is usually not the first question we ask ourselves when we choose our default browser. But maybe it should be. These days, threats to your privacy and security come at your from all angles, but browser-based attacks such … [Read more…]

Removing the jam in your printer security


Printers are an important, invisible—albeit sometimes loud—component of the office. But all too often they’re filled with mystery meat icons, peculiar blinking lights, or error messages with no instruction manual to hand. No problem, you can just print at the next station! Wrong. Printers also operate online across multiple aspects of your network. So not … [Read more…]