A week in security (September 23 – 29)


Last week on Labs, we highlighted an Emotet campaign using Snowden’s new book as a lure, discussed how 15,000 webcams are vulnerable to attack, how insurance data security laws skirt political turmoil, and how the new iOS exploit checkm8 allows permanent compromise of iPhones. Other cybersecurity news [2-Pack] iPhone X XS XR XS Max Privacy … [Read more…]

How to Get rid of Virus on a Laptop?

Nearly everyone experiences virus attack on their computer once in their life. Malware infections are unfortunately real, and it can infect any computer. But, if you know how to get rid of virus on laptop, then you can keep your laptop safe even from the most dangerous malware and viruses. If you face challenges while … [Read more…]

How to Remove a virus?

Is your PC or laptop running slower than the usual, are there any abnormal issues, do you see a sudden spate of pop-ups on your internet browser page? If your answer is yes, then these out-of-the-ordinary signs could be warning you of a malicious or virus attack. Wondering how to remove a virus, well we … [Read more…]