How to Remove Godes Ransomware from Your Device?

Getting attacked by the Godes ransomware can throw anyone into a panic. When important files become unreadable and inaccessible, anyone is willing to pay just to get them back. But there are ways to get around the Godes ransomware without paying a large sum of money. [2-Pack] iPhone X XS XR XS Max Privacy Anti-Spy … [Read more…]

What Is Agent Smith and How Is It Affecting Android Phones?

Over the years, malware has evolved just as much as technology; from simple worms to devastating ransomware. Though malware removal software has kept viruses and malware at bay, a new form of malware is emerging. Given its abilities, it can easily be weaponized in the hands of cybercriminals. This new form of malware is dubbed … [Read more…]

Defining the Role of Antivirus

Neglecting to install antivirus software in computers is like inviting viruses, malware, and other cybersecurity threats to attack the device. To learn more about its value, it helps to define antivirus and its role in protecting the computer and every piece of data stored in it. Knowing these functions can help one compare the different … [Read more…]