A week in security (August 6 – 12)

Last week, we published a review of exploit kits, talked about everyday tech that can give you a headache, and showed how to protect RDP access from ransomware. We also published a study on the true cost of cybercrime.
Other news:
Discovered at Black Hat: WhatsApp “message manipulation” (Source: The Register)
Discovered at Black Hat: AI attacks (Source: The Register)
Once again, discovered at Black Hat: Meltdown panel (Source: The Register)
Indeed, discovered at Black Hat: Mobile payment bugs (Source: The Register)
PGA ransomware attack right before Ryder Cup (Source: Golf Week)
Steer clear of evil JavaScript (Source: APNIC)
Adding bugs to deter attackers [PDF] (Source: Arxiv)
Botnets and irrigation systems (Source: Help Net Security)
Hunting Twitter bots at scale (Source: Duo Security)
Google to warn of government-backed attacks (Source: G Suite)
Stay safe, everyone!
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