A week in security (Feb 6th – Feb 12th)

Last week, we gave a shout out to Safer Internet Day, passed around some tips for safe(r) public Wi-Fi use, and took a deep dive into Spigot browser hijackers. We had double the trouble in Mac land, with the defense industry coming under fire from rogue downloaders, and Microsoft office macro Malware.


  • Deleted data lingers on.
  • Unencrypted password theft.
  • XSS problems affect Steam.
  • A light is shone on AKBuilder.
  • Smart TVs spy on their owners.
  • Scammers go phishing for tax information.
  • The NHS becomes a target for Ransomware.
  • Phishes targeting cloud storage set to overtake financial scams in popularity.

Stay safe, everyone!

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