A week in security (February 18 – 24)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we explored the world of crack hunting, gave you a 101 on the world of bots and their threats and advantages, and took a look at some clever phishing scams. We also explained how a Mac fends off malware, posted a handy “lazy person’s guide to cybersecurity,” and dug into some APT action.
Other security news
YouTube ran into major problems, specifically, a network of pedophiles. (Source: Wired)
Facebook improved location settings: Android users will now find they possess greater control over which information is shared with Facebook. (Source: Facebook)
Big extortion, big money: Research reveals “salaries” of up to a quarter of a million dollars in return for getting up to dubious antics online. (Source: The Register)
Flaw, blimey: A 19-year-old WinRAR bug was discovered. (Source: CheckPoint)
Political infighting leads to data blowout: It’s all very exciting over in the UK, as a major political party reported a former member for alleged breach-related activity. (Source: The Guardian)
Collection leaks and compromised passwords: How to steer clear of trouble related to the ongoing “Collection” dumps. (Source: Help Net Security)
An egg in this trying time: A malware campaign offers up an eggy attack targeting job seekers. (Source: Proofpoint)
ATM hacking: A look at how easy ATM shenanigans has become. (Source: Wired)
BabyShark phishing: Yes, it’s a spear phishing campaign called BabyShark. (Source: ZDNet)
Wi-Fi and social engineering: A look at some of the most common social engineering tricks deployed against networks. (Source: Security Boulevard)
Stay safe, everyone!
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