A week in security (June 4 – June 10)

Last week on Labs, we took a look at hidden mobile ads, the perils of social media spam, and how to shore up your landline defenses. We also took a deep dive into Emotet malware analysis, and gave you some summertime safety tips.
Other news
Update your Adobe Flash player if you haven’t already. (source: Adobe)
Be careful with your World Cup Wi-Fi. (Source: Securelist)
Wannacry ransomware slayer faces new problems. (Source: The Register)
Retiree’s personal info swiped. (Source: CA.gov)
Weak credentials leads to IoT botnet takeover. (Source: Newsky Security)
Ex TalkTalk CEO talks about the mega breach. (Source: The Register)
Private posts accidentally go public. (Source: Facebook)
What would you do if your data was abused? (Source: Help Net Security)
Subdomain flaws and phishing attacks. (Source: Imperva)
Russian APT attacks strike out at government targets. (Source: SCMagazine)
Stay safe, everyone!
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