A week in security (Mar 20th – Mar 26th)

Last week, we investigated Twitter app scammers using stolen celebrity nudes as bait, explored the world of Chinese PUPs and backdoors, took a deep dive into a Ransomware campaign targeting people in the UK and Canada, and looked at a bout of SMS Phishing. We also examined the claims of hackers in relation to wiping Apple devices and poked around a tech support screenlocker scam.


  • Word documents that can go after both Mac and Windows machines.
  • 10 industrial plants run into Malware trouble.
  • What projects can stay and which ones need to go?
  • Citadel Malware: “It was me.“
  • Android Forums suffers a breach.
  • In the Internet of Things, not even your dishwasher is immune.
  • That’s a whole lot of BEC scamming.

Stay safe, everyone!

Malwarebytes Labs Team

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