A week in security (March 12 – March 18)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we took a look at the inner workings of a fileless attack, explored what happened in a zero day ransomware attack aimed at South Koreans, gave you hints and tips for avoiding cold calls, and took a deep dive into the secretive world of GrayKey.
Other news
The Equifax story just keep rumbling on. (Source: The Guardian)
Some Meltdown and Spectre updates. (Source: The Register)
VPN tests give some concerning results. (Source: vpn Mentor)
The rich world of money laundering. (Source: Help Net Security)
Critical vulnerabilities found in SecurEnvoy SecurMail. (Source: SEC Consult)
An incredible story looking at Cambridge Analytica. (Source: The Guardian)
Cybercrime as a service. (Source: ZDNet)
Geopolitical events contributing to malware spikes. (Source: Enterprise Times)
Preinstalled malware on 5 million Android devices? Whoops (Source: The Inquirer)
Backdoored BitTorrent client causes malware attack on 400k PCs. (Source: Ars Technica)
Stay safe, everyone!
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