A week in security (May 21 – May 27)

Last week we told you about a Mac cryptominer using XMRig, an overview of Dreamcast related scams, part 1 of decoding Emotet, and what to do about bad coding habits that die hard.
We also published the results of our second CrackMe contest.
Other news
How a pioneer of machine learning became one of its sharpest critics. (Source: The Atlantic)
The man who cracked the lottery. Spoiler: it was an inside job. (Source: The New York Times Magazine)
New Spectre (variant 4) CPU flaw discovered —Intel, ARM, AMD affected (Source: The Hacker News)
Amazon urged not to sell facial recognition tool to police. (Source: ABC News)
Does the Facebook app even spy on those who don’t have an account? (Source: The Register)
FBI stats: email fraud still #1 cybercrime. (Source: MailGuard Blog )
Brain Food spam botnet malware found on thousands of websites. (Source: SCMagazine)
Amazon Alexa Security – How to stop hacks on voice assistants. (Source: Forbes)
Necurs delivering flawed Ammy RAT via IQY Excel Web Query files. (Source: MyOnlineSecurity)
Researchers from Columbia University have created a technique named FontCode that can be used to embed hidden messages inside font glyphs (characters). (Source: Bleeping Computer)
News about the Russian “router botnet”
Will VPNFilter attack disrupt Champions League final? (Source: Enterprise Times)
Justice Department announces actions to disrupt APT 28 Botnet of Infected routers and network storage devices. (Source: US Department if Justice)
FBI seizes control of Russian Botnet. (Source: The Daily Beast)
FBI tells router users to reboot now to kill malware infecting 500k devices. (Source: ArsTechnica)
Stay safe, everyone!
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