A week in security (November 11 – 17)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we offered statistics and information on a sneaky new Trojan malware for Android, inspected a bevy of current Facebook scams, and explained the importance of securing food and agriculture infrastructure.

We also released our latest report on cybercrime tactics and techniques, offering new telemetry about the many cybersecurity threats facing the healthcare industry. You can read the full report here.

Other cybersecurity news

A European bank drew scrutiny for its practice of charging users a fee to change their account passwords via postal service. Yikes. (Source: Motherboard)Cybersecurity researchers found 100,000 malicious websites posing as legitimate online retailers, right as holiday shopping ramps up. (Source: Threat Post)Canadian authorities charged a Toronto man for allegedly operating an international malware distribution scheme through his developed software, Orcus RAT. (Source: Krebs on Security)Weeks before a national election, the United Kingdom’s Labour party suffered a DDoS attack on its campaign websites. (Source: Dark Reading)Cybersecurity researchers who were explicitly hired to penetration test some Iowa state courthouses were arrested for doing their jobs. (Source: HackRead)Researchers from Proofpoint discovered a new threat actor using email to pose as various government agencies in the US, Germany, and Italy. (Source: Bleeping Computer)Digital rights activists walked the streets of Washington, DC, while equipped with facial recognition surveillance tools in an effort to raise awareness about the invasive technology. (Source: Motherboard)A whopping 93 million billing files for a California company’s three drug and alcohol addiction facilities were exposed online. (Source: SC Magazine)Stay safe, everyone!
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