I know where your pet is

Kaspersky Lab’s many years of cyberthreat research would suggest that any device with access to the Internet will inevitably be hacked. In recent years, we have seen hacked toys, kettles, cameras, and irons. It would seem that no gadget has escaped the attention of hackers, yet there is one last bastion: “smart” devices for animals. … [Read more…]

Malwarebytes CrackMe 2: contest summary

About three weeks ago, we published our second CrackMe. It triggered a lot of interest, and we got many high-quality write-ups. Choosing the winner was really difficult! In this post, I am going to summarize the contest and comment on the received submissions. CrackMe 2 challenge The topic of the challenge was Python, and its … [Read more…]

New Mac cryptominer uses XMRig

A new Mac cryptominer was discovered this week, after affected users saw their fans whirring out of control and a process named “mshelper” gobbling up CPU time like Cookie Monster. Fortunately, this malware is not very sophisticated and is easy to remove. The malware became public knowledge in a post on Apple’s discussion forums, where … [Read more…]