Coronavirus Bitcoin scam promises “millions” working from home

In the last week, we’ve seen multiple coronavirus scams pushed by bad actors, including RAT attacks via fake health advisories, bogus e-books working in tandem with Trojans, and lots of other phishing shenanigans. Now we have another one to add to the ever-growing list: dubious coronavirus Bitcoin missives landing in your inbox. Reworking a classic … [Read more…]

Computer Virus protection for windows 8.1

When you are using an 8.1 operating system on your computer or laptop you need protection from viruses, malware, and any other corrupt programs. Viruses come in different types and they can corrupt your files and affect the functionality of your operating system. Your machine needs to be protected to avoid consequences. Computer Virus protection … [Read more…]

It’s time to get an app that scans android for viruses

You don’t need to be a tech expert to know that your smartphone is a mighty computing gadget that has access to both your most confidential information and your business transactions. From how much you’re making to the shopping purchases you’ve made, your phone is basically packed with information that’s sensitive and valuable to you. … [Read more…]