Bluetooth Mobile Spy Software: The Latest and Most Popular Bluetooth Application.

Bluetooth technology was developed as a way to create personal area networks that allow several devices to connect to each other wirelessly over a short distance. It enjoyed great success, specially when used by phones, who up to that time required both a cable and the same protocol to connect. Today, teenagers and adults love this technology because it allows them to transfer files such as wallpapers, music files and images easily.

However, as technology advances, new applications have been developed for Bluetooth technology. One of the most recent and increasingly popular ones is Bluetooth mobile spy software.
Bluetooth mobile spy software uses the technology in Bluetooth mobile phones in order to transmit some information about its use to a webpage, from which usually another person can monitor the activities of such mobile.
Despite the “spy” name of Bluetooth mobile spy software (and which is included mostly for impact and marketing purposes), the software is completely legal and sold openly on several websites. All you have to do is connect your mobile phone to the computer (via Bluetooth, of course) and upload the application from a website to your phone. Take notice that you can only install Bluetooth mobile spy software on mobiles that you legally own. You can also install the software on mobiles of the company you work at as long as the mobiles belong to the company and your company has specifically instructed you to install the software on them.
Once the software has been installed, you can then monitor the mobile from any computer with Internet.
And what does Bluetooth mobile spy software do? Well, for starters, you can see how many calls have been made or received by the phone. This information includes the time of the call, the duration of the call and the numbers that have been in contact with the mobile. In addition, you can read any text message that has been sent or received by the Bluetooth mobile, even if the text message has been erased from the phone.
This is just the latest and most popular application for the Bluetooth, but it certainly won’t be the last. Given the popularity of the Bluetooth, I’m sure there will be more applications in the future to amaze us.