Can It Really Spy a Smartphone?

By now, you must have heard of Spy app, a smartphone application that is becoming more and more popular each day. However, many people still wonder, can it really spy a smartphome? The short answer is “yes, it can.” However, for those of you who haven’t heard of it or don’t know exactly what it does, this review will explain its basic features and advantages.

Let’s start with how you get it, which is very simple. Spy app can be purchased from its website: Spy app website, and then downloaded into a smartphone that you own. You then create a username and a password that you need to log into the website and look at the activity of the phone. It’s that simple. The smartphone will give no indication that Spybubble is running on it, such as icons, logos, beeps, messages, etc.
Once installed, you get access to the full features of the application. Here’s a breakdown of its features:
  • Call Tracking. Spy app lets you track the calls that are made or received by the smartphone. With your username and password, you’ll be able to get access to a log that shows the number or calls made or received, the duration of said calls, and most importantly, the numbers which have called or been called by the smartphone. Also, if a name has been assigned to a number by the user in the phone’s memory, you’ll be able to see it, making it much easier to identify the caller.
  • Access to Text Message Contents: Similarly, Spy app will let you read any text message that is sent or received by the smartphone. In addition to the content, you’ll also be able to see any pertinent information regarding the message, such as the time the message was sent or received and the number from which it was sent or received. As with calls, you can also see any name that has been assigned to a number that sent or received a text message. There are some people that erase their messages as soon as they read them or send them, but because messages get registered in the log as soon as it is created, you can still read them even if they are erased from the smartphone.
  • Phone Location Tracking. With Spy app, you can always know where the phone (and the user of the phone) is. The software makes the location of the phone available through Google Maps, which you can also access from the Spybubble website.
  • Remote Call Listening. Spy app will let you listen to calls from a number that you select and enter in the system. If a call or made to or received from the number you selected, your own mobile (not the mobile with Spy app installed on it) will automatically receive a text message telling you that the number has been contacted. If you call the mobile that has the Spy app software installed on at that moment, you’ll be able to listen to the call.
Now, based on these features, there three main groups that benefit from Spy app.
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