Antivirus for Mac Best Antivirus Software For Mac Computer Safety

Three points to check so you know you’re buying the best antivirus software for your Mac

Over recent years Macs have changed from being at minimal risk from viruses to being prime targets for viruses. The reason for this is that the nature of viruses has changed from being all about causing damage to being mostly about gaining some form of advantage, usually financial. Virus-creators know that Macs are powerful machines […]

Antivirus for Mac Best Antivirus for Mac Computer Safety

Five reasons why you need the best antivirus for your Mac

Contrary to what is sometimes suggested, Macs are definitely not virus-proof, nor do they have flawless security. Since 2018, famous malware attacks on Macs have included CookieMiner, CrescentCore, Crossrider, aka OSX/Shlayer, Linker, LoudMiner (aka Bird Mine), MaMi, Mshelper, NetWire and Mokes, NewTab. Added to this, there was High Sierra issue (people could access the root […]

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Top Best Antivirus for Mac 2019 (Updated List)

PC security has been the greatest challenge for customers lately, following the WannaCry ransomware that hit major organization including the NHS a year ago, and Petya, yet another ransomware attack which shook the digital world. If you are looking out to patch and update the machines and install the reight security software, then you have […]