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How to choose the best antivirus software for Windows 7

Even though Microsoft has done its best to push people onto Windows 10, there are still plenty of people who are perfectly happy with the reliable stability of Windows 7. Some of these people may be particularly happy about the fact that they have full control of the update process, instead of having updates essentially […]

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Best Free Antivirus Windows 7

The clock is ticking on support for Windows 7. In January 2020, Microsoft will stop producing updates for it, which means that any unresolved security issues will stay permanently unresolved and any new security issues which emerge will never be fixed, at least not by Microsoft. What’s more, there will be no further updates to […]

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Best Antivirus for PC 2019 [Updated List]

Windows is the most popular operating system with the most number of users. It is user-friendly with numerous capabilities that have made it the number one operating system. The more users means more Windows PCs and hence threat actors preferably target Windows PCs. There are numerous Antivirus Software in the market. Some Antivirus for PCs […]