What kids get up to online

Today’s children navigate the Internet better than adults. They are not afraid to try out new technology, and are quick to grasp new trends and sometimes invent their own. New social networks, mobile games, music, and gadgets are all part and parcel of their daily lives. But just because they feel at home online does … [Read more…]

Apple iOS 13 will better protect user privacy, but more could be done

Last week, Apple introduced several new privacy features to its latest mobile operating system, iOS 13. The Internet, predictably, expressed doubt, questioning Apple’s oversized influence, its exclusive pricing model that puts privacy out of reach for anyone who can’t drop hundreds of dollars on a mobile phone, and its continued, near-dictatorial control of the App … [Read more…]

MegaCortex continues trend of targeted ransomware attacks

MegaCortex is a relatively new ransomware family that continues the 2019 trend of threat actors developing ransomware specifically for targeted attacks on enterprises. While GandCrab apparently shut its doors, several other bespoke, artisanal ransomware families have taken its place, including RobinHood, which shut down the city of Baltimore, Troldesh, and CrySIS/Dharma. Detected by Malwarebytes as … [Read more…]