Modern OSs for embedded systems

At Kaspersky Lab we analyze the technologies available on cybersecurity market and this time we decided to look at what OS developers are offering for embedded systems (or, in other words, the internet of things). Our primary interest is how and to what degree these OSs can solve cybersecurity-related issues. We’d like to point out … [Read more…]

Fake Fortnite for Android links found on YouTube

The extremely popular video game Fortnite is coming to Android sometime this summer, and the fanbase is going wild. Not surprisingly, mobile malware developers are taking advantage. Already, there are several videos on YouTube with links claiming to be versions of Fortnite for Android, despite the fact the game has yet to be released on … [Read more…]

PSA: Recruitment portals and job sites at risk


Readers of Malwarebytes Labs aren’t new to the social engineering tactics of malcontents to get users to respond to fake job offers via email. In 2014, we wrote about spam claiming to be from the recipient’s supposed work application to a “Career Services Department,” only to be redirected to a site where a potentially unwanted … [Read more…]