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What is Armored Virus?

Our computers are usually susceptible to virus attacks, that’s why virtually every computer user has antivirus programs installed to curtail viruses. But then, cases abound where people struggle to rid stubborn viruses that are somewhat beyond the remedy of antivirus programs. These types of viruses can make analysts look stupid. They are created to prevent […]

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What is Joker Malware?

What if there is a malware that infests some of the apps on your Android smartphone or tablet and steals some private information? You know how disastrous this can be, right? Unfortunately, such malware exists, and it is known as the “Joker Malware”. This is a Trojan malware that signs up a user for premium […]

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Why you need a Windows XP virus protection program

Given how advanced everything is in the digital space today, it’s incredible how so many people still don’t see the need to use an antivirus program. Every day, we hear new stories about how individuals and businesses face digital threats and lose chunks of their data and personal information to thieves and online crooks. While […]