Five must-have features of the best antivirus software reviewed

If you really need your computer, for example, you rely on it for work or study, then you don’t just need an antivirus, you need the best antivirus software with these five, must-have features. Feature one – cloud hosting Anti Spy Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone XR XS 11 PRO MAX 8 7 … [Read more…]

Best Free Antivirus Windows 7

The clock is ticking on support for Windows 7. In January 2020, Microsoft will stop producing updates for it, which means that any unresolved security issues will stay permanently unresolved and any new security issues which emerge will never be fixed, at least not by Microsoft. What’s more, there will be no further updates to … [Read more…]

Three points to check so you know you’re buying the best antivirus software for your Mac

Over recent years Macs have changed from being at minimal risk from viruses to being prime targets for viruses. The reason for this is that the nature of viruses has changed from being all about causing damage to being mostly about gaining some form of advantage, usually financial. Virus-creators know that Macs are powerful machines … [Read more…]