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How to Combat Cyber Threat Actors Using Free Antivirus Software

The biggest threat for organizations comes from crime groups and syndicates. Be it through theft and sale of personal data, ransomware, or crypto jacking, criminals quickly adapt to maximize the opportunities for illicit money-making online. How to Protect Against Online Criminals To remove possible threats such as cybercriminals, you must have an updated, multi-layered system […]

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How to Avoid Phishing Scams? | Download Free Antivirus Software

Phishing refers to the fraudulent use of electronic communications to make a person believe that they are having a legitimate and secure web session. Usually, phishing messages include links to malicious websites which appears to be safe and authentic. However, these phishing sites are designed to download and install malware into your system or acquire […]

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How to Compare Antivirus?

If you own any kind of device that connects to the Internet, whether for personal or work use, you need to have a robust antivirus solution. Cybercriminals are regularly using and improving their tactics to breach and infect computers, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, etc. This means that the longer you have any of these devices […]