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How to get the most from a Free Antivirus Scan?

These days, people in general are much more aware of IT security than they were in the early days of the internet. This is good and it’s also good that people are making the most of useful tools such as free antivirus scans, or, to give them their more accurate name, free cloud-based antiviruses. The […]

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What you Need to See in a Free Antivirus Download (full version)

Many free antivirus downloads are essentially just teasers for the full product for which you have to pay. Some, however, do offer a very decent amount of functionality, certainly enough for the average, regular, user. So that you can tell which is which, here’s a guide to what you need to see in a free […]

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How to Pick the Best Free Antivirus for your Computer?

These days every computer (and mobile device) needs a solid antivirus from the moment it’s first switched on. That’s non-negotiable. If you keep a lot of valuable data on your computer, for example, you use it for business purposes (either as a company or as a freelancer), then it may be worth paying for a […]