How to choose the best antivirus software for Windows 7

Even though Microsoft has done its best to push people onto Windows 10, there are still plenty of people who are perfectly happy with the reliable stability of Windows 7. Some of these people may be particularly happy about the fact that they have full control of the update process, instead of having updates essentially … [Read more…]

How To Remove Virus From An Android Device

If your Android device isn’t behaving the way you think it should, and you don’t already have a robust antivirus app on it, then you need to consider the possibility that you’ve picked up a virus. Here is some guidance as to what you can do about it. 1.Try downloading an antivirus app Anti Spy … [Read more…]

How To Tell If Your Phone Has Virus

Modern smartphones are essentially mini-computers, which means that the signs you have a virus on your phone are often fairly similar to the signs you have a virus on your computer. Here’s a quick list and some suggestions about what you should do about it. 1.Poor performance Anti Spy Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector For … [Read more…]