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How To Tell If Your Phone Has Virus

Modern smartphones are essentially mini-computers, which means that the signs you have a virus on your phone are often fairly similar to the signs you have a virus on your computer. Here’s a quick list and some suggestions about what you should do about it. 1.Poor performance This is not only probably the most obvious […]

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How To Choose The Best Free Antivirus For Your Android Mobile Device

If you have an Android mobile device, you need an antivirus for it. In fact, you need the best antivirus for Android you can find. The good news is, a tight budget needn’t be a problem. You can get some great, free antivirus apps for Android. Here’s how to choose the best free antivirus for […]

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Four points to check before you buy a virus removal app

Choice is often good, but too much choice can be confusing. With that in mind, here are four points to check before you choose which virus removal app to buy. Check who is behind it A virus removal app is basically a security product. If you were implementing security in the real world, you’d certainly […]