How Can I Use a Symbian Phone Spy Program in a Legal Way?

Symbian phone spy programs are the latest piece of software developed for the incredibly popular Symbian mobile operating system. There are almost as many smart phones that run on Symbian as phones that run on all the other mobile operating systems combined.

Despite their popularity, Symbian phone spy programs are often thought of as illegal pieces of software or that they allow you to do illegal things with it. There are also some misconceptions about what these programs can or can’t do, which further the idea that they are illegal.
Let’s start by getting out of the way what a Symbian phone spy program is NOT. It’s NOT a hacking device. It won’t allow you to read e-mails, hack into computers, or intercept calls on people’s cellphones. It sometimes amazes me the number of people that thing this is true.
Now to the second part. Is this software illegal? No, it’s not. As long as you’re an adult, and it’s your decision to install the software on you’re a phone that you legally own, you are not incurring in any legal offense of any kind. Obviously, that includes paying for the software with a legal and valid form of payment. If you pay for it with a fake credit card, or someone else´s credit card number, then you’re committing fraud (and that has nothing to do with the software).
Now, to the next question. Can you do illegal things with the software? The answer is yes, you can, but that’s not because of the software per se, but rather by the way you decide to use it.
Let me ask you a question, is a car illegal? No, it’s not. Can you do illegal things with a car? Yes, you can. If you go past the speed limit, run someone over, or use the car to smuggle drugs, then you’d be doing illegal things with the car. However, that’s got nothing to do with the car itself.
It’s the same thing with Symbian phone spy programs. You can install them on someone else’s phone and that would be illegal. However, this would mean that you would have to take someone’s phone without his permission, install the program on it, and then return it; and all of this without the other person noticing. As you can imagine, on top of being illegal, it’s incredibly difficult to do.
Lastly, if you do decide to do something illegal with a Symbian phone spy program, the people who sold it to you will give your information to the authorities, because they didn’t sell it to you to break the law.