How To Keep A Close Watch Using Symbian Spy Software

Symbian spy software is an application that is being increasingly talked about nowadays. It comes as no surprise since Symbian is one of the most popular mobile operating systems. With this being the case, it was only time before software developers came up with applications specifically meant for mobile phones using this operating system. You can keep a close watch on the usage of Symbian based mobile phones using this mobile phone spy software. Many employers these days are using the software in order to keep a close watch on the mobile phone usage of troublesome employees.

Symbian spy software works in complete stealth. The person being spied will not get any doubt whatsoever that his or her mobile phone usage is being tracked upon. As soon as a call is made from the particular mobile phone or received by it, you will get an SMS alert. The software is so advanced that you can get to hear live conversations taking place in the mobile phone being spied upon.

Symbian spy software comes with a host of other advanced features. For example, you can now know the exact location of the mobile phone, thanks to the GPS feature incorporated in the software. It allows you to find out where exactly is the mobile phone currently located. Retrieving all the call records is also a very simple process with this spy software. All that you need to do is to log on to the vendor’s site , using your username and password. All the call records will be listed to you within a matters of a few minutes.

With Symbian spy software you can also get to read all the text messages that the mobile phone has received or sent. You can in fact read the message, even if it has been erased from the mobile phone’s memory. With so many advanced features, it is not surprising the software is being increasingly used these days.