Lock and Code S1Ep1: On RSA, the human element, and the week in security

Last week, we told you we were launching a fortnightly podcast, called Lock and Code. This week, we made good on our promise, with lots of headlines generated right here on Labs, as well as other security news around the web. In addition, we talk with Britta Glade, Director of Content and Curation for RSA Conference, about the theme for last week’s conference: “The Human Element,” plus which types of submissions do well and what types will almost always be rejected.

Tune in for all this and more on the premiere episode of the first season of Lock and Code, with host David Ruiz.

You can also find us on the Apple iTunes store, on Google Play Music, plus whatever preferred podcast platform you use.

We cover our own research on:

Security challenges in the world of biotech healthcareA fake Content Delivery Network serving up a credit card skimmerWhy Americans seem to accept stalkerwareMac adware being more dangerous than Mac malwareWhy managed service providers (MSPs) are critical for business continuity Plus, other cybersecurity news:

All ears: Are your smart devices around the home accidentally tuning in to your conversations? (Source: Moniotrlab)Think that group is private? Think again: Certain private WhatsApp group invites are being indexed in Google. (Source: Vice)Another day, another breach: This time around, it’s Slickwraps who feel the burn via content posted to a Medium blog. (Source: The Verge)Scammers go for gold: It’s Olympics time again, and that means scams are almost certainly on the way (Source: Tech Republic)E-scooters vulnerable to attack? Researchers report their findings on how open to abuse these popular devices are. (Source: safe, everyone!
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