Monitor your Kid’s Smart Phone via PhoneSheriff

By: Phil Esposito

According to a press release, Retina-X Studios has recently release PhoneSheriff. This mobile application spans its services across Android, BlackBerry, WP7, and iOS. PhoneSheriff is an application made for parents to view and monitor all of their child’s smart phone activity. When PhoneSheriff is installed on the child’s phone and the companion “control” application is installed on the parents phone, the parent can:
  • Restrict and Monitor Phone Calls
  • Restrict and Monitor Texts
  • Track the Phones Location via GPS
  • View Photos and Videos Taken from the Phones Camera
The idea of this application (besides keeping parent in-the-know about what their kids are doing) is to crack down on “Sexting” and “Cyber Bullying”. Witch the ability to view your kids photos and video, you can ensure they are not sending out anything explicit.
An addition that this application brings is high quality theft protection. If the smartphone is stolen, you can trace the phone vis GPS even if the thief has changed or removed the SIM card.
The PhoneSheriff service will cost in all about $50 per year (which you can purchase from If you are a parent, what are you views on this application? Will this relieve the stress and worry that your kids are making bad decisions on theirs phones? We would like to know, leave a comment below on your opinion of this new application/ service.