PhoneSheriff – Parental Control Software for Mobile Phones

What does your children or workforce do on their smartphone? Are you nervous they’re abusing their cellphone privileges? PhoneSheriff enables you to observe activities and filter out those you have a problem with. You can even create a schedule for allowed use. PhoneSheriff discreetly blocks the activities you specify while uploading logs of any action individuals do. Logs are viewable from anywhere utilizing your safe internet control panel. Check Calls, SMS, Track GPS Location, Filter Phone Numbers and Websites, and a lot more.

PhoneSheriff Review

If you’re stressed that your children are or workforce is using their mobiles inappropriately, then PhoneSheriff is quite possibly what you need. Texting has developed into a widespread method for people to correspond. Are your youngsters or personnel spending a lot of time on the phone? Are they talking to people you don’t permit? Could they be associated with Sexting? Precisely what are they secretly texting about? You have the right to know; and even the obligation to know.
Please keep in mind that you cannot assume all features are offered on all types of mobile phones. Please check the PhoneSheriff website for your specific cellphone.

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