PhoneSheriff Review

Teenagers are constantly on their cell phones. They send dozens of text messages, emails and multimedia files to and from their mobile device on a daily basis. Cell phone parental control software makes it possible for you to know the type of content your child is viewing and lets you see what they are doing on their cell phone. PhoneSheriff is the best cell phone parental control software because they offer a large selection of parental features, an easy-to-use interface and excellent customer support. PhoneSheriff is our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner because it provides parents with the ability to set daily time limits, create keyword alerts and receive a notification if their child has tampered with the software. This software application is compatible with most smartphones including Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Symbian and the Apple iPhone.

Feature Set: 
PhoneSheriff offers the most advanced features of any cell phone parental control software. One of PhoneSheriff’s standout features is its SMS alert system. The alert system automatically notifies you if your child sends or receives specific keywords on their cell phone. This software allows you to create the list of words and phrases that will trigger the alert. You can also receive an alert if your child has tampered with the software or has disabled the program from his or her cell phone.
This cell phone parental control software gives you control over the time frames your child can use his or her phone. Using PhoneSheriff, you can create time restrictions that will automatically lock the device during off hours. With this feature you can prevent your child from text messaging or surfing the internet during class hours or during the late hours of the evening. Aside from restricting certain usage times, you can restrict specific numbers from your child’s cell phone. This lets you know exactly who your child is talking to at all times.
PhoneSheriff features GPS monitoring. This feature allows you to receive the phone’s GPS locations on demand or at scheduled times throughout the day. The GPS monitoring is not only ideal for keeping track of where you child is, but it also helps you find the phone if it becomes misplaced. If the phone falls into the wrong hands, privacy settings are included on the software that allows you to lock or wipe the device from a remote location. If you want to remotely lock the device or completely wipe all information from the phone, you need to log in to the software online to get access to the phone. Both privacy features are effective tools for preventing personal information from falling into the wrong hands.
The logging features on PhoneSheriff record specific activity, content or applications stored on your child’s cell phone. Often, teenagers will hide a picture or immediately delete a text message if they do not want a parent to see the content. Whether they immediately delete the file or message, or even hide it on their phone, PhoneSheriff immediately stores the activity on a specific log. This cell phone parental control software logs all calling activity with the name, date and length of the phone call. Text messages are also logged with an exact copy of the message.
Photos and videos are another feature you can log using PhoneSheriff. A growing trend among teenagers is sending explicit photos and videos of one another to peers, boyfriends or girlfriends. When your child captures any videos or photos, PhoneSheriff immediately sends a copy of the photo to your web account where you can view the photo and all accompanying information. You also receive notification of all websites your child is viewing, and you can block any website from their phone. This gives you more control over the content they view, send or receive.
Even though PhoneSheriff is our top cell phone parental control software, its logging features did not meet our full expectations. We were disappointed to see this software lacks the ability to log emails, which have become a highly popular form of communication among smartphones users. There is also no way to track their calendar events or personal memos entered in the phone.
Ease of Use: 
One of the advantages to using PhoneSheriff is their easy-to-use interface on the phone and online. The software remains hidden in the background of the cell phone unless you activate the interface to change any settings or features. All data from the cell phone is stored on your online account. The account is organized with icons that navigate you to logs filled with text messages, phone calls, GPS locations and account details. Also, a sidebar menu is available throughout your account to make navigation simple.
PhoneSheriff organizes all logs using charts that display the date and time of any activity, the numbers of who sent or received content and the text of any messages sent and received. You can also click a specific message or phone call to see additional information such as the call length or a map of the phone’s location.
Additionally, you have full account management and can control the settings of the software. You can change any passwords or clear any activity logs. The account is straightforward and we had no problems finding the information we desired or the activity logs we wanted.
Help & Support: 
If you come across any problems or issues regarding this cell phone parental control software, PhoneSheriff provides both email and telephone support. Using the toll free number PhoneSheriff provides, you can receive immediate technical support. To receive help through email, you must send a support ticket on the PhoneSheriff website, and a customer representative will get back to you within 24 hours. Our biggest disappointment regarding this program’s customer service is the lack of live chat support. This feature is ideal if you need immediate assistance and a phone is not handy.
A FAQs section is available on PhoneSheriff’s website that provides additional help for general questions or concerns that may arise. This software’s FAQs section includes common ordering questions and technical support questions. They also provide a knowledgebase on their website that gives you additional information regarding PhoneSheriff and several similar products.
PhoneSheriff is easy to use and offers a wide assortment of features that make it a tough product to beat. This application will log basic smartphone features such as phone calls, text messages, videos, photos and contacts. It also provides you with GPS monitoring and several privacy features such as remote wipes and locks. The technical help and support was excellent; its only drawback was the lack of live chat. One of the greatest advantages to using this software is no matter what type of smartphone your child may have, PhoneSheriff supports a wide variety of devices including Androids, Windows and iPhones.