Spy Software for Android Phones: What Is It?

Spy software for Android phones is finally available, and it’s becoming more and more popular each day. If you don’t know what spy software for Android phones is or what it can do, this article will teach you some basic information about it.

Spy software for Android phones is an application that you can download from the Internet and install on an Android phone. Once the software is installed, you can monitor the activity of the phone from the same website that you got the software from.
The information that you can monitor with such software falls into three categories: call history, text history, and phone location.
Call history contains information such as numbers that have called the phone, numbers that the phone has called, time of the calls, duration of the calls, as well as any name that has been assigned on the phone’s memory to a number (such as “Teacher Mike” or “Home”).
Text history contains information such as the content of each text that the phone has sent or received, the numbers that sent or received texts, and the times that the texts were sent or received. This information is available even if the text is deleted.
Phone location is a feature of the software that shows the location of the phone on Google Maps. Assuming that the user of the phone carries it with him or her, that means that you know where he or she is too.
There is also a fourth feature of spy software for Android phones, although it is not available for all models. This feature is called call tracking, and it allows you to select a number that you feel specially suspicious about and mark it on the website. The moment that number calls or is called by the Android phone, a phone number of your choice will receive a text message indicating that the number has been contacted. If you then call the Android phone from the chosen phone, you will be able to listen to the conversation.
It’s worth to point out that none of these features can be detected by merely using the Android phone. There won’t be a logo, icon, menu, or sound that will tip off the user that spy software for Android phones has been installed on the phone. Only the person that installed the software will know about it.
This software is controversial, but extremely effective as well. It is also perfectly legal, so you won’t get in any troubles for getting it as long as you use it on Android phones that you own.