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Track An iPhone With iPhone Spy Software

Easy SpyWe all have our own reason for wanting to track an iPhone. Some of us want to keep an eye on our kids, and to have an easy way to locate them in an emergency.  Others might be thinking of buying iPhone spy software to track a spouse because perhaps we suspect our spouse is having an affair. Regardless what your reasons are, iPhone spy software is a low cost, but highly effective way to track an iPhone.


Here are the three most common reasons why someone would buy iPhone spy software to track an iPhone.

  • Track Your Spouse.   If you suspect your spouse is having an affair, using iPhone spy software will enable you to keep track of their movements, so you can determine if they really are where they are supposed to be. Another use for iPhone tracking software is to locate your spouse in case of an emergency.  Regardless of your reasons for wanting to track your spouse, iPhone tracking software gives you everything you need to track them.
  • Track Your Children. Parents are always looking for a way to keep an eye on their kids.  Since the iPhone is one of the most sough after phones today, buying an iPhone for your kids and installing iPhone tracking software is convenient way to track your kids so you’re able to locate them in an emergency, or if you just want to make sure they are at school, their friends house, etc.
  • Track Employees. No longer do employers have to worry about installing bulky and expensive GPS tracking devices on employee issued cars.  Now employers can easily track their employees via iPhone tracking software. This could be to keep track of employees who are constantly out in the field, or for recovering lost or stolen employee owned iPhones.


Now that you’re familiar with the most common reasons why someone would want to track an iPhone, here is how iPhone spy software works, and how it’s used to track iPhones.

The way iPhone spy software works, is you install the iPhone spy app directly on the iPhone you want to track. This is done via a download using the iPhone’s web browser. You essentially type in the URL of the iPhone spy software (you’ll get this URL when you purchase the iPhone spy software), and then the app will download directly into the iPhone. Once the download is complete, you then go through the set up and configuration steps.  Once installation is done, the iPhone will automatically start to records GPS locations of the iPhone, in addition to other iPhone activity such as text messages, call logs, photos, emails, and browser history.

As the GPS logs are recorded and sent to your account (this is set up at time of purchase), you can log into your account and you’ll see a list of GPS locations with date/time stamps.  Now you just click on any location you want more information on, and that specific location will then appear on a map. From here, you can zoom in, zoom out, get driving directions, and more.  (See the screen shots below for samples)

If you’ve decided that iPhone spy software is what you need, here are the two best places to check out.  Both are considered the leaders in the iPhone spy software industry, and both guarantee their products work.  One important point to bring up, is that before you can install iPhone spy software on any iPhone, the iPhone MUST be jail broken/unlocked.

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