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What is Scareware?

What is Scareware

Scareware is a type of malware that masquerades as real virus protection to trick victims into paying and downloading malicious software to clean up infections it pretends to detect. Such software is potentially dangerous and in order to entice the victim the cybercriminal uses social engineering and fear tactics.

Cybercriminals today are more advanced than ever, they aim at cheating online users by making use of evolving techniques to worm their way into the victim’s computers. Currently, scareware is the sneakiest methods in use to prey on victims and as a result, it ends up compromising the system security. Keep reading this article to know how to evade being victimized.

Scareware Definition

Scareware is also known as deception software, rogue virus protection/scanner software or fraudware, it reaches computer users in the form of pop-ups. Often, the fake programs carry names sounding like the genuine programs that you’ve often heard of. You can also notice spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

Vigilantly watch out for the fake virus removal program as it pops up with a dire warning, and that’s the sign that you are about to be scammed. Beware because these programs tend to depict user interface portions from actual virus protection programs.

Here is a list of some aggressive spyware scams are:

  • Total Secure 2009
  • XP Antivirus 2009
  • SpySheriff
  • AdwarePunisher

What does Scareware do?

Scareware churns millions of dollars for the scammer as more and more users fall a prey to the online scams!

Scammers try to infect as many computers as possible with scareware so that they can execute their malicious tasks such as delivering a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, a large-scale spam campaign or other types of cyber attack. In order to accomplish this, an online fraudster/scammer/cybercriminal may rent or buy a network to operate the spam campaign.

On the flipside, scareware attacks typically target identity theft whereby they will secretly attack a computer and record the keystrokes and personal information. Steal credit card details by enticing the victim into buying fake antivirus software. Zombie, a computer to take remote control of the computer and use it to disseminate spam.

How To Stay Protected?

Online fraudsters send out spam emails to distribute scareware. On opening the email, victims are easily duped into paying for bogus services. Falling a victim to such scams and revealing the CC information paves way for future identity theft crimes.

So, it is advised not to disclose any personal information when you are unsure of things. Especially, when you see a pop-up ad or receive a message screaming dire warnings of imminent doom, avoid clicking the ‘download’ button at all costs – a product with the tag immediately is more than likely to be a scam!

Comodo Virus Protection helps protect when a user shop, surf or socialize. Additionally, it protects files and helps evade from such digital dangers. In case your system is compromised by one such scareware, the virus removal can easily be executed by installing the Comodo virus protection program. Visit our official page to know better!

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