What Spy Software For Windows Mobile Does

Spy software for Windows mobile is something that is straight out of the James Bond movies. You can now keep track of all conversations taking place on a mobile phone, without even the mobile phone user knowing that he or she is being spied upon. The mobile phone spy software works in complete stealth. With intense competition prevailing among various software vendors, you are sure to find software that is compatible with the model of your mobile phone handset.

People are using spy  software for Windows mobile for various different purposes. While some may use it for keeping a close watch on their teens, there are some who use it for keeping a close watch on their employees. You need not be a technical expert in order to install the spy software in your mobile phone. The entire installation and configuration process is quite simple and will hardly take a few minutes.

Spy software for Windows mobile once installed can monitor the call history of the mobile phone being spied upon from any computer. You can now find out the number of calls received or made from the mobile phone, sitting in any corner of the world, if you are connected to the internet. You can also see all the text messages that were either received or sent from the particular mobile phone.

Spy software for Windows mobile enables you to generate reports of call records with ease too. All that you need to do is hop online and visit the service provider’s website. Once you log in using your user name and password, you can then generate the call records, virtually at the click of a button. The software is so advanced that it will record all the numbers, even if the user were to delete some of the numbers from the call history.