Why would I need this parental control software?

I guess you already know about Phonesheriff, but just in case for those who  don’t know, i want to have this little introduction about parental control software to get you familiarize with it and see would you need this parental control software.

In today’s high-tech world, a mobile phone is a necessity for most adults. Parents are learning that when their child has a cell phone, it enables them to be safe at all times. But sometimes, children aren’t necessarily mature enough to properly use such a powerful tool. PhoneSheriff helps you keep your young child or teenager on the right track and out of harm’s way. This page describes some of the different ways to use PhoneSheriff.
Restrict Child Cell Phone Usage
Everywhere you look you see teenagers and even children texting or talking on their cell phone. While this necessary technology has proven to have many benefits, it has some potential downfalls. When a child has their own dedicated phone, they might start to abuse it, which can affect their schoolwork. Many parents find that their children start talking at all hours of the night or even during school.
PhoneSheriff allows you to solve this problem by blocking certain functions of the phone at certain times of each day. For example you can tell the software to lock the phone every night at 8:00 pm until 8:00 am or whatever hours you choose. You can choose to lock the entire phone or you can lock just the ability to make calls while the other functions of the phone remain operable.
Block Specific Phone Numbers from Communicating
While your child’s phone might be a necessity, it can also become an addictive way to communicate with the outside world. Text messaging has become the next new craze among young people worldwide. Some teens send as many as 25 text messages every few hours. And let’s not forget the standard favorite of gabbing on the phone for hours on end. Usually these types of activities are innocent enough, however they have a potential to become dangerous.
If you need to block your child from communicating with specific phone numbers, then PhoneSheriff allows you to do just that. You can choose to block SMS text messages, phone calls or both for any number. In addition to blocking, PhoneSheriff also records all text messages and information about each call. This will give you more information about which numbers might need to be blocked. You can add and remove blocked numbers and restrictions anytime.
Timgrack Your Child via GPS
Does your child skip school? Do they tell you the truth about where they are going? Previously there was no way to monitor a child’s whereabouts without installing some sort of GPS tracking device in their car. This is no longer necessary with the latest smartphones which have a GPS receiver built inside. The GPS inside smart cell phones work exactly the same as your car’s GPS. It can show you a location anytime.
With PhoneSheriff, you can utilize the GPS receiver in your teen’s smartphone to act as a silent GPS tracker. When PhoneSheriff is running it captures and uploads GPS positions every thirty minutes. You can also get INSTANT tracks with no fees by sending a hidden SMS message to your child’s phone. The monitored phone will not show anything on the screen. You will get a reply message stating the coordinates at that specific time which can be very useful.
Monitor SMS Text Messages and Call Information
Today’s computer-savvy teenager has all the dangers of the Internet at their fingertips. But another danger lies in the form of text messaging. A popular trend among today’s teenagers is called sexting. Sexting is text messages of a sexual nature. According to a national survey by The National Campaign, 48% of teenagers have received a sext message. But how can a parent know if their teen is sexting or worse? Now there’s an easy way to protect your child.
PhoneSheriff allows you to fully record the activities of your child’s cell phone. It makes full logs of every text message sent and received, and logs vital information about each phone call. The records do not rely on the phone’s internal logging system, so if your child deletes their logs it won’t matter. You can still view every single text message and call within the PhoneSheriff interface on the phone OR in a secure online account.
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