Windows Mobile-Amazing software for Smartphone and Mobile

Windows Mobile is an amazing product of Microsoft. Microsoft is the king of computer software. Now, it has extended its business in the mobile phone market. Windows mobile is an example of the great efforts innovated by Microsoft.

Windows mobile is nothing but a compact operating system. Basically it’s designed for mobile and Smartphone.
Features of Windows Mobile
It’s very attractive and user friendly too. You can view current date, information, appointments, email, and task at hand etc necessary agenda on the screen. You can consider it as a pocket PC. You will see current time on the taskbar. Besides, you will get many applications of windows. You will get office suite, outlook, internet explorer, windows media player, internet connection sharing, multitasking and many other applications which are clearly creating values to mobile phone market. Moreover, it also supports coherent file system like Windows NT. That’s really a great feature of windows mobile.
Windows mobile 2003 came with support for add-on, extra-ordinary features in blue tooth management, MIDI and many other great functions. Later windows mobile 2003 SE came with WPA support. Later versions of windows mobile came with updated software, HTML advance feature etc. We have currently version 6.5 and the future version will be 7. New versions are coming with new technology, no doubt.
Disadvantages of windows mobile
· It has low customer satisfaction
· Market share is decreasing
· Technology is not so advanced
· It doesn’t support multi touch functions
· And much more
Despite the disadvantage it is focused well because of Microsoft’s computer market. Also, as most of the users know how to use windows, office suite etc, it gets some popularity. Though market share is low, it stands number three. Though there are some problems with the technology incorporation, the fans of Microsoft don’t deny its existence. From this point, windows mobile will be surviving despite of the negative opinions of some researchers.
I have been using windows mobile for 1 year. I faced no problems with it. The same goes on in case of my friends. In this case, how can I say windows mobile is not good? In my opinion, you can surely go for it because you are in the habit of using windows. It will be friendly for you. In the end, windows mobile is a venture that has already conquered a major share in the mobile market. Soon it will overcome the market share problem.